Getting 524 error, solved but

I am having trouble with the Cloudflare proxy.
Until recently it was working smoothly. Because I was getting a response with an error 524 I had to change the DNS management from to “DNS only” to get it working again.

I have contacted my Hosting and they have answered this:

I have carefully checked, and the problem was caused by the Cloudflare proxy.

In that case, I have disabled the DNS Proxy by changing the status of the Proxy to DNS only:

Now your website is working properly and you can check it with the following screenshot:

Please clear your browser’s cache.

Also, you can contact Cloudflare and report the problem to them.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Technical Support Team

But now the GTMetrix Performance Report notes that many files are no longer served through Cloudflare.

Can you please help me with this?

A few things

  • That CDN statement is plain false. Even if your site is on Cloudflare it would show that warning because whatever they try to check does not work. Just ignore it. The search has more on that.
  • Yes, your site is currently not on Cloudflare, because you unproxied it. You need to proxy it again. The search has more on that too.
  • Yes, when proxied your site throws a timeout. Again, the search has more on that, you might want to search for 524

Hosts typically say that and typically that is wrong. As your site is reachable and has a valid HTTPS configuration the most likely explanation will be that your host blocks the Cloudflare proxies. Your host needs to make sure the addresses at IP Ranges are not blocked. If they are you will get these errors.

In this case it appears your host accepts the connection but then does not return any data and Cloudflare times out after a hundred seconds. But only your host can clarify that.

I think I’ve already found the problem:

Community Tip - Fixing Error 524: A timeout occurred

I have disabled the Railgun in Cloudflare and put the DNS back to Proxied and it works as before, even better.

For Railgun to work you need to set it up on your server. Otherwise just disable it as you seemingly did.

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