Getting 522 when trying to connect a Cloudflare page to a subdomain

I have a Cloudflare page connected to a domain which is also managed in my Cloudflare account.
The domain is

I have created another Cloudflare page which I’d like to connect as a subdomain.
This second page is hosted on and is visible and active.

In my DNS records for the main website I’ve added a new CNAME record. For name I’ve set “web” and for target I’ve added the url above (can’t write them explicitly here because the community is limiting to how many urls I can place in my post).

Other than that I’ve left everything as is and saved.

I’m getting a 522 error on

Why is that? What am I missing?

Don’t add DNS records. Go to the Pages project and add the custom domain there. The DNS record will be created automatically for you. (Delete the one you created first.)


Sorry for the late reply, wasn’t expecting such a quick answer. That was it! Thank you

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