Getting 522 on every first page load

I have several sites where I’m using cloudflare but this is the first one acting weird.

Just added a new WordPress site but every link in the dashboard I click I first get a error 522…When I refresh it works, quite annoying I don’t know where it is coming from, anyone got an idea?

Is this on the same server? 522 is usually an upstream firewall blocking requests. It sounds like it’s being rate limited.

Nah. Most of the sites I host myself through clouds but this simple test project I have placed on shared hosting. I already read the CF 522 documents and in contact with the host and they are checking with a dev what is up.

Don’t why it does this though, never seen an error 522 before.

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So, it does this when I have proxy on, if i switch proxy off it works fine.

My host is asking if CF can take a look if one of their Nodes is having issues connecting to their servers and if so if they can tell which node it is so the host can investigate. It might be possible it’s a new node with an IP they haven’t whitelisted yet but how the ■■■■ do I find out lol

The edge node wouldn’t have an IP address not already listed at

You’d have to contact Support and give them the Ray ID of a failed connection to get anywhere with this if the host can’t find it. The host should be able to track it down if you let them know the exact time of the failed connection.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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