Getting 522 errors several times a day

Hello, i have domain liki24. com.
Starting from 05.07 every day several times the site responds with 522 errors (the site takes a very long time to load and, most likely, crashes due to a timeout).
After reviewing the logs on the server, the load on the server, the database - I could not find any problem, moreover, I noticed that the requests do not reach the final server.
When I turned on the development mode, the problem disappeared.
The biggest problems were on 12.07 from 21:00 - 22:00 (GMT+3) (the site didn’t work at all).
I did not find any problems for my region in cloudflarestatus.
Also noticed that the site was waiting for a response from bam .nr-data .net when loading.
image (1)

Status code - 522
Origin status code - None

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