Getting 522 errors on specific files only



I’m getting 522 errors on specific files on my website. It only triggers these errors in my country (Belgium), because when I check through a VPN or TOR I cannot see these errors.

They’re slowing down the website and disabling part of my functions (such as javascript libraries).

An example can be seen here:

In case the error doesn’t trigger, I’ve included a few screenshots.

Is there any reason why Cloudflare is triggering these 522 errors on these specific files?

Error 522 on some files and some connections

DO you have any page rule specified in your CF panel?


Yes, I have three.

  1. Is for routing shop requests.
  2. Is for forcing HTTPS in specific folders
  3. Is for forcing HTTP for Wordpress


Then try when they are disabled. It seems something is wrong here.


Disabled them. Same deal.

I’ve tried VPN’ing through other countries and that works fine.

I’ve checked on other computers in Belgium using different IP’s and those receive the same errors.


Somewhere visitors from that region are blocked. Either it is by CF which needs Enterprise plan or at your server.


I’m on the free plan for now. So it’s not CF blocking.

I’m not sure if it might be the server, because I can reach every other file just fine. It just throws 522 on specific files, about 5 or 6 in total, spread over multiple pages.

I saw that there’s a lot of people with Wordpress experience a similar problem.

There is a Wordpress in my root at Might that have an impact?


Your DNS records are incorrect. look here,
Change your NS servers to those provided by CF to you,


They are set to the NS servers.

I checked on the site you sent and it confirmed:


I’ve found the problem. The Cloudflare IP’s weren’t whitelisted in the server’s firewall.

It’s fixed now!

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