Getting 522 error connecting from SG on a website

Just noticed this issue today with a client site, all Cloudflare ip’s are whitelisted on csf firewall on the server, users from the usa & europe can connect just fine to the site without getting any 522 errors, didn’t test other location such as south america, africa or middle east. I tried a malaysia, australia vpn & using my isp which is from singapore, i will get the 522 error every page i tried loading, sometimes it succeed. The site is using Authenticated Origin Pulls which i have set up on the nginx server, everything was fine before today, i also ran a script to ensure Cloudflare ips are up to date & can confirm they are similar so its not that, is there an issue somehow with routing on Cloudflare side? I also did a mtr test between the server and my pc and connection is fine.

Anyone can confirm using a vpn from singapore, malaysia & australia has this issue?

The site is Redacted

Edit - I have read the article at and can confirm no 3 is my issue, i have checked that csf firewall has all Cloudflare ip whitelisted and confirmed with my provider that they do not have any permanent mitigation on their ddos filters. Normal users from other countries are browsing the site fine.

The issue is related to servers in south east asia and the india area. I have triple checked my origin and all the Cloudflare ips are whitelisted.

Hey there!

Sorry for the connectivity issue.

I can confirm there’s an issue with connecting to your server from some Singapore edge servers. Can you please open a ticket via dashboard or support AT cloudflare DOT com and post the # here?

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Hi @cf-scott scott, my provider just informed me that they took out one of our upstream providers around 2 hours ago - RETN - which seemed to have been the problem, they took them out of our routing and that seems to have recitified the issue for me and my users.

Sorry for the trouble, as this seemed to be an origin issue rather than a Cloudflare issue.

No problem at all. Thanks for the update. I’m glad they got it straightened out.

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