Getting 521 just from https request

http request working well but when i try to open the website with https request i am getting 521 error

Have you tried searching the forum for that error?

yes, i don’t found something how can help me

11 results and nothing?

Here’s the biggest nothing from that search:


That is one yuuuuge (™ D.J.T.) nothing :astonished:

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If I hit the correct site, on the SSL/TLS app, turn on Always use HTTPS and turn on Automatic HTTPS rewrites. That will first ensure users always end up on https and will correct some http calls. But, it looks like you have a script being called with http, that will need to be manually updated as automatic rewrites won’t help with script or css calls.

Beyond that, I don’t see the 521, perhaps check logs and make sure Cloudflare IPs are white-listed?

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