Getting 520 errors over last few weeks

Sorry to bother you over the last 2 weeks I have had reports and had myself 520 errors from our server. I know this means our server - But I have checked our logs and I can see no errors.

This happens occasionally, then if we refresh its fine. It also happens on loads to assets in our app.
I checked out HTTP logs but i cant see any failed request, hence I am wondering if the request is getting that far?

The highlighted entry is my retry which loaded, the two calls at :23 and :22 HEAD HTTP 1,1 both say 200

Any ideas, or anything our end that could be causing this?

I’d probably open a support ticket and forward the connection ID 4a1391b50a1550ce. They might be able to tell what the actually issue was.

HI Where do I open a support ticket looked everywhere! Thanks

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