Getting 504 error on my website


I enabled cloudfare for my website
When I tested site in Aus, it gives 504 error most of the time. But when my developer from India, check /test site, he is not getting any issue, as I have. Even I am not using any cache or optimize plugin to my site.

Please advice why my site is not working properly for me and gives 504 error?

You website works fine from different IPs (using Tor). Something is wrong locally (Browser/OS/ISP). Start by clearing caches.

My client already cleared cache from browser. But still getting same issue. Today’s screenshot from my client AUS

Inside CF panel, change orange cloud to gray for your website. This will remove CF proxy and you just connect to your website directly. Test with gray icon and see what happens.

Still a client issue is on the top of the list. Here are few things to do to resolve error 504 at client side (just the first part).


A, AAAA, and CNAME records can have their traffic routed through the Cloudflare system. Add more records using this form, and click the cloud next to each record to toggle Cloudflare on or off.

An MX record was not found for your root domain. An MX record is required for mail to reach @ ----------( my site) addresses.
HOW I RESOLVE THIS ? I want continues…

I want changing my nameserver, but now i can’t with this situation

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Also if you search the community you will find the answer.

How I change it to gray cloud for my website?
Are you talking about

I already did the things mentioned the list you provide for how we fix 504 error

I changed orange cloud to gray one, but now my client is getting

So I reverted the change.

Are you able to access the error logs for the site?

From Host?

When with gray cloud you get an error, it shows something is wrong with your server/application and has nothing to do with Cloudflare. First fix this then enable Cloudflare (orange cloud).


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