Getting 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable cloudflare-nginx Error


Since friday I am getting “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable Cloudflare-nginx” Error with my webpages. It happens a few times in 10 mins maybe. I am using wordpress.

I checked my server load, everything seems ok with my server. Do you know why I am getting this error and how can I fix it?

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there is “Cloudflare” in 503 message. I also added screenshot. It is written"Cloudflare-nginx"

The article is clear on what should be done in that case.

Yes, I created ticket before 5 days but I didn’t get any answer yet. Maybe somebody in community knows what is the problem.

Based on the info @sandro shared, seems support is the only option. What is the ticket number & did you include the trace and other details suggested in the support doc?

Also, a little odd to see “Cloudflare-nginx”. Someone might be trying to mimic/impersonate Cloudflare, since the Server token in nginx is no longer Cloudflare-nginx: Can’t be certain tho.

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