Getting 503 from clourflare server for simple proxied CNAME

I added a proxied CNAME record ‘mkt’ points for the purpose of adding redirect rules in that domain. Visiting domain returns a 503 from the Cloudflare servers and redirect rules do not work, also returning 503s soured from Cloudflare servers. I’ve done this sort of thing before and it’s all worked. The worst part is there seems to be no way to open a support ticket at Cloudflare to report this issue with their servers to.

I get a Shopify page if I go onto - it looks like the subdomain is being managed by them?

Yes, per this, I removed it form the admin panel, but looks like it’s still broken. See Redirect Page Rule Not Working.

BTW: I did find how to open a ticket, Brave browser was making it so I could not log in and that is why I didn’t have the option to create a new ticket.

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