Getting 503 error. Checked with host and they told me to speak to CloudFlare again... Any ideas?

Can’t upload the SS and also the diagnostic centre link isn’t working.

Do you mean SSL certificate? Can you post a screenshot of what’s not working?

SS = screenshot. Sorry, I actually replied to you right after but the post did not upload with image when I tried it again. I’ve linked it here: Screenshot 2022-02-15 at 12.09.27

That’s not a 503, however, but rather a 520.

Check out Community Tip - Fixing Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error.

It’s actually loading fine right now →

It does prompt you for authentication, but that’s all right.

I’m so sorry Sandro. There are a few errors going on. Here’s the right screenshot: screencapture-heynibble-2021-10-20-21_12_24 Please excuse me, I’m tired!

That screenshot appears to be half a year old. Is that right?

As mentioned, it currently loads fine.

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