Getting 502 error (only on speed tests)


Ever since I got on Cloudflare, I’m having issues with pagespeed test where it seems I have a 502 error. I see my website, but get the error when I do the page speed test.

The site is (I’m not posting using the cloudflare account for this domain because somehow I’m not getting cloudflare verification email to the email address connected to So I’m using a different cloudflare account to post my issue for that site)

With Google Pagespeed Insight, I get the following error message: “An error occurred while fetching or analyzing the page”. I’ve been seeing that same error ever since I’ve installed cloudflare. And it’s been a few days now.

With Pingdom speed test, depending on when you do the test, I see 63 to 53 Connection errors. Yesterday, it told me of a 502 connection error.

Did I miss something in the settings. I essentially clicked “next” all the way and added the right DNS info to my domain name. It’s the first time I have that issue with cloudflare, but again its the first time I do it to an ecommerce site with site-wide ssl.

Error 502 Bad gateway only on certain network

Hi there. I believe Google Page Speed Insights tests are limited to 200 HTTP requests per page. Your home page has ~280 according to

This limit seems counterproductive when you consider Google PSI is considered the gold-standard for performance tests. However one could view this limit as incentive to overall reduce the number of HTTP requests in general on their site. Something you may be inclined to pursue, as your home page takes ~20s to fully load based on my initial tests. Reducing HTTP requests is just one of a few ways you could tune your site for increased performance. Combining JS and using responsive YouTube embeds would probably be next on the list.

Google PSI can be rather harsh in its requirements in general and I like using, GTmetrix, and/or Pingdom for more ‘realistic’ results and recommendations but that’s just my own personal preference.