Getting 500 error message After "Purge Everything"

My websites is simply down after clicking “Purge everything” in Cloudflare profile. Website was working fine just before clicking on the button. I have updated only css/js files and wanted to clear the cache to make sure caches would be cleaned. Instead I get website down.

In the network headers I see that response comes from Cloudflare, so request doesn’t even reach to my server. Please help :frowning:

That would indicate an issue on your server which you did not experience before because the files were returned from the cache. You need to debug this on your server.

On the server website works fine in browser(on local port). I have only update js/css files, there’s no way server would be down for it. Also, there’s custom error handling on the server in case of error (so if request reaches to server and there’s error, I see that in browser with in a nice way). Problem is I can’t reach to server, 100% sure about it.

It doesn’t need to be down, if you made it inaccessible for Cloudflare that would be already an issue.

You really need to debug this on your server. The fact that it stopped working after you cleared the cache is a clear indicator that Cloudflare can’t fetch the data and hence there is some issue on your server end.

So I think issue will be more clear if I remove Cloudflare completely, right? Since website runs perfectly on server localhost and not working while Cloudflare is connected…

You don’t need to remove it completely. You can simply pause it -> Overview screen bottom right

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