Getting 404 when using HTTP Events API

I enabled Zaraz for my account and in the settings section I defined /zaraz/api as the HTTP Events API endpoint. However, when I try a POST request I’m getting a 404 not found? Did I miss any configuration in order to use the HTTP Events API?

POST /zaraz/api
“events”: [
“client”: {
“__zarazTrack”: “transaction successful”,
“value”: “200”

First thing to check: could you confirm that your website is currently properly proxied through Cloudflare?

Here are tips on how to diagnose that: FAQ · Cloudflare Zaraz docs

Yes, it’s proxied through Cloudflare. Do you need to set something up on your website when using HTTP Events API?

  • website is proxied
  • One tool is enabled
  • I entered an endpoint for HTTP Events API
  • Auto-inject is enabled, but I assume you don’t need that for the Events API?

Any ideas?

Could you send us the address of your website to [email protected] so we can take a closer look?

Done, just sent an email.