Getting 404 on URL that contains a dot and no trailing slash

If you do a GET on, you will see it returns a 404. If I add a slash to the end, I get a 200. Weirdly, even though it returns 404 the page is still served and rendered correctly in my browser. However, a non-200 response breaks Algolia Crawl.

Can someone help me understand how to fix this issue? I am not sure why the dot in the URL is significant.

I did see that someone else posted about this issue 2 years ago but there was no response:


That’s definitely not ideal.

I would recommend you file an issue for this behaviour if there’s not one already:


Thank you. I am happy to do that. At first glance, it’s not clear to me that the repo you linked is the right place. Is this the repo that accepts issues for Cloudflare Pages specific hosting issues?

The repo houses the pages-shared package which is used both locally and in production for the hosting of Pages projects, yeah.

If you can reproduce it locally with wrangler pages dev, even better, but if not, then it’s a prod vs local issue which would also be great to report there.


Thank you once again. I have filed a bug report here.


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