Getting 404 for some images

I have an images subdirectory /images. I get 404 for some images in /images/* while for some I get the images just fine.

Tried purging cache. Turned off bot protection. Both images exist.

404: Mossos · Ghar Ka Khana Aap Ke Ghar (This returns an HTML page)

Hosted on Cloudflare Pages.

Actually gives me a 200 - - but returns HTML instead of an image. That comes from your server though.

Hm. I meant it returns me a 404 HTML page (200 OK) instead of a png image. This is on Cloudflare Pages.

Is your GitHub repo public? Could you link to it?

It’s private.

I’ve not had any problems uploading files and not seen anyone else with issues either right now.

Are you sure the file is called mossos-256x256.png , in the images folder and doesn’t have really restricted file permissions.

Yes, I’m sure. I shifted from Netlify hosting to Cloudflare Pages.

Could be a case sensitivity issue? I’ve not experimented with Pages and files that use upper case.

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It was! Apparently the extension for few photos were in uppercase .PNG instead of .png (they caught my attention in Github). I pushed the new files with lowercase. Maybe Netlify isn’t case-sensitive and Pages is.

Now, I purged the cache as /images/* . Disabled Cache in dev tools and also hard refreshed. However, I still see the cache status as HIT.

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