Getting 404 for my valid ingress rule in argo tunnel

this is my config.yaml

[[email protected] /]$ cat /etc/cloudflare/config.yaml
tunnel: cloudflare-testing
credentials-file: /etc/cloudflare/tunnel.json

is my config connect?

I saw your post from a few days ago about this configuration, which surprised me. It surprised me because I just learned that cloudflared isn’t supposed to be able to link to an external source, as you’re trying to do (I’d hoped it was possible).

> Yeah basically, except ingress rules really only work for hostnames you control; in some instances you can fake that I suppose, but Warp to Tunnel seems to be more flexible overall.

Hi @sdayman

i am using that config rule within my infrastructure.

First config rule just works as expected, as soon as i add another rule. it gives me 404( * service: http_status:404)

Is there a reason you have the local hostname listed twice? It seems that you really won’t need the originServiceName if it already matches the hostname.

Have you tried command line testing?
cloudflared tunnel ingress rule

Yes command line validates my rule and sends me wherever i expect to go.

Hey So figured out the issue.

I was running single tunnel across 4 regions. i didn’t update the same config across all regions. The request might be going to the region which doesn’t have my updated config.yaml. And it simply throws 404.

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