Getting 403 only on wordpress plugin files


I’m having kind of a strange issue. I’m getting 403 errors only on files on this directory (wp-contents/plugin). I tried the basic stuff to fix the issue : reset the .htacess file, checked for all permissions in the file manager as well as contacted my hosting service company to see if their issue was on their side, without any luck. The hosting service support team did help me find that the problem was occurring only when the Cloudflare server was trying to access those specific files and the issue was not there when using hosts entry directly. I tried disabling page rules in cloudflare without any luck either as well as pausing cloudflare on my site temporarily. When doing this I could not test it since the SSL is attached to cloudflare and my browser is not cooperating. Below is the console log for the 403 issues that I have.

A 403 should show up in a log somewhere. Either in the Cloudflare Firewall section, or on your servers access or error logs. Did the host see any errors anywhere? If that’s truly the case, then it should show up in the Cloudflare Firewall Events Log.

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