Getting >100ms ping to CloudFlare's DNS

Hello all.

Since April users from Claro ISP (Brazil AS28573) have reported a huge increase on response time when using cloudflare’s DNS and accessing sites using CloudFlare’s services.

Any idea how to fix this ?

Maybe perhaps someone from Cloudflare could contact someone from Claro.


Hi, I’ve opened an internal ticket to look into this. If you’re customer of the ISP the best chance might be to open a support ticket with them to look into the routing.

Hello mvavrusa

Did Claro reply to your inquiry?

Hi, no news yet.

Hi there!
Did you guys had any return?
I am a NET/Claro user from Minas Gerais, and I am seeing this problem too. And, of course, both websites that I have under cloudflare are with the same issues. Both registers below are from today (30/07)
Looking on the tracert result, it seems to be some element in the embratel network in RJ.(This is from my home)
6 18 ms 24 ms 21 ms []
7 14 ms 16 ms 14 ms []
8 126 ms 126 ms 129 ms []
9 121 ms 120 ms 124 ms []

And from where I work I also see the same behaviour. But this is from an Oi ISP
6 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms
7 9 ms 11 ms 9 ms
8 10 ms 9 ms 9 ms
9 149 ms 149 ms 149 ms
10 134 ms 134 ms 134 ms []

The issue still persists.