Getresponse subdomain issue

I came across this posting from earlier this year I’m currently have the same issue but i was unable to see a reply or answer and the topic is closed.

Hi Guys,
I am very desperate!

I am using cloudflare as a beginner user but I am quite able to set up a cname and usually it works.

Unfortunattelly I am not able to make it working with getResponse service.

I am trying to create a custom domain on getResponse where there will be my landing page.
Info seems very easy…

  1. Log in to your hosting control panel.

In the domain settings section, look for the DNS settings.

3. ```
Once you’re in the settings section, create a CNAME record for your subdomain that points at ****

So I have created 2 cname

  • cname -> download > value -> is an alias of (see point 3)
  • cname -> > value -> is an alias of (see point 3)

After 48 hours I have the same issue…
trying to go to I am redirected to landing page not found…

Off course I have created the subdomain on the getResponse space and getResponse team says that both (cloudflare and getResponse) settings are corrects but there could be some issue on cloudflare end.

what do you think?
Thanks a mil for your help.
It is very very appreciated

I’m experiencing this same issue with Cloudflare and GetResponse - has anyone had a success with this issue? …GetResponse Support has been no help… this is the only post on the web that I can find on this topic…

Thanks in advance if anyone can assist!