Get waterfall instead of parallel load

Hi everyone!
How can I beat this waterfall loading and turn it to parallel? Loading small bundle of 100kb images, site attached to cloudflare, using https, http/2, all imagec CF cache hit!

That looks like WebPageTest. Their waterfall doesn’t look like my waterfall in my browser’s Dev Tools. Your images start in Parallel, but don’t finish in parallel. It could be a limitation of WPT. Without knowing the URL of your page, I can’t give it a real-wold test, but here’s mine:

Indeed. Thank you, sdayman. Bu I still have a load speed issue.
Images begin to load parallel but it takes 2-3-4 seconds to load. When I picking single image it takes 20-30ms. It not looks like my connection limit. All images have cf-cache-status: HIT. No images-related activity in server access log. See such trouble here

I have a fast Internet connection, so that whole page loads in less than 2.5 seconds.

Half of that is just the HTML (1192ms). But it’s over 5MB of data, and that’s going to be slow.

I only see two ways to speed up your site:

  1. Get a page caching plugin like W3TC or WP Fastest Cache (my favorite).
  2. Optimize your images with a plugin such as Robin or TinyJPG

Thank you

are you using CF free or paid plans ?

additional HTTP/2 Prioritization and TCP Turbo optimisations are only available to paid plans and not available on free plans.

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Thank you eva2000!
I have tried paid plans with no luck. Current issue was solved by restarting router.

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