Get to know my own masked ip for the server


I had enabled the option for masking my real ip-server from people know my real ip-address. As an admin of the server, Can I know what the masked ip for each domain that Cloudflare masked ?

I don’t think I got the question… Is it related to What real IP are you trying to get? The user’s? The server’s?

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I wonder if the question is related to an :orange: record so the IP is not visible on a lookup, if it is, @tech15, then in the DNS tab of your Cloudflare dashboard, you can see the IP that the record points to.

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yes it is related to this, can I know what the masked ip each of my domain ?

If you don’t want to mask the real IP of your servers and want others to find it, you set :grey:.
If you want to mask your servers IP from everyone, set to :orange:.
The real IP of the host is whatever your hosting company has provided you and what should be under your DNS tab as @domjh mentioned.

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Yes I understand this. If I want to mask my server IP set to :orange: .

The question is, I want to know what is the masked IP that cover up my real ip ?

You can ping the domain or search the A or AAAA records and that will provide you with the IP’s that Cloudflare is using.

Correct response. Note that it won’t be possible to query the IP directly without the hostname, it won’t work.

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Exactly. The IPv4/IPv6 IP’s assigned by Cloudflare are not dedicated and used for thousands of other sites.

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