Get the Most Out of Your Cloudflare Pro Plan!

We want to help you get the most out of what you’re paying for. There’s so many great features packed into the Pro plan, we realize you may not know how to use them all.

Below are some of the most popular Pro features included in your plan that we recommend using:

  1. Set up Super Bot Fight Mode (SBFM) to keep bad bots off your site
  2. Use Speed features such as Polish, Mirage, and Early Hints to accelerate your site which leads to higher conversion rates, better search rankings (SEO), and users will spend more time on your site
  3. Create some custom rules for web application firewall (WAF)
    (Custom WAF rules can block traffic from specific countries, websites, referrers and more)
  4. View analytics for cache and web
  5. Turn on DDoS Alerts to know when you’re being attacked, as it happens

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