Get the DNS export file for a domain on Cloudflare


often i have to move a domain for a customer and often the DNS from the old provider is managed by Cloudflare. The problem is that i have to re-create all subdomain records manually in my Cloudflare account and i don’t even know which are they. I’m using tools online to find those records but they are not 100% reliable.

Is it possible for Cloudflare to expose the full DNS records for a particular domain?
Any other possibility?

ps: We are in a position where asking the old provider to export from cloudflare is not feasible.

Absolutely not. That’s protected information.

You may have wanted to lead with that, as that’s the most critical piece of information here.

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Then you won’t have a reliable way to find all of the DNS entries on Cloudflare.

Cloudflare does, in the account the zone is active and provisioned in to the authorized members who manage it. Since you can’t get that information from the existing provider, absent pulling the information from a backup of settings they provided if one exists, there’s isn’t a mechanism.

Even the answer you get from Cloudflare may only tell you that a record exists and is proxied, it won’t disclose the true origin IP.

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What could be so sensible info on the DNS. I mean, i need just the names(not the real IP), the same that Cloudflare is doing when you add an existing domain. It will scan and add the records that it finds.
They are public. Why the third level domain entries are so sensitive is beyond my understanding.


They are just not public, so unless you ask the owner you won’t get that information reliably.

Obviously, you can guess which subdomains/records are present. The responses to your queries are public. I think this is what many tools do, and what Cloudflare probably tries when you move a domain to Cloudflare. It’s basically brute-forcing, by guessing potential/common records and/or subdomains.

If you can’t ask the old provider, then at least ask the customer, as they will have every right to know this information, and they can then give it to you.


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