Get Stuck While Moving Domains between CF accounts

Hi there, I’ve got an account with 2 factor authentication but I can’t login since I’ve lost backup codes to my email associated with this account. I tried to move it but I also read that before moving accounts " Before attempting to transfer an active Cloudflare domain to another Cloudflare account, you must remove any DNSSEC configurations and add-ons or subscriptions." I do have DNSSEC and paid subscriptions turned on at my old account but I can’t switch them off since I cannot login. It seems to be the reason why Im not able to transfer my domain to a new account. What should I do about it? Please help

You really only need to disable DNSSEC at your registrar. That will free up the domain for a name server change.

If your email address still works for sending/receiving, you can use that to contact support AT cloudflare DOT com and same for billing.

Here’s info on 2FA and recovery:

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