Get SSL certification in main Domain & Subdomain


I have websites in my domain & subdomains and I want to need to add domain in cloudflare so How I get SSL certification for main Domain & Subdomain

my main domain:


Firstly, as I can access your Website on HTTPS and you have SSL certificate generated for main domain.
But, not for sub-domain.

Can you please check if you have access to any kind of Control Panel of your Website and/or Hosting, and if you have SSL settings?
If yes, can you try to trigger the action to generate an SSL certificate for your sub-domain also?

If not, then if you would like to use Cloudflare’s SSL certificate, firstly you would need to change your nameservers on the domain and point to the Cloudflare’s one which you will get when you click on “Add website” in the Cloudflare dashboard (you must have Cloudflare account for that).

Here is the resource for help:

Next, about changing nameservers to Cloudflare:

And regarding the SSL certificate provided by Cloudflare (Universal SSL) which would be generated for your main domain and other sub-domains you have:

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