Get New Tracking Scripts to Load

We have a new pixel script that was added to the site. We seem to have an issue verifying if it is firing properly because the code doesn’t seem to reflect the changes we made. I purged the cache within Cloudflare for some select pages (code goes on every page) to see if I could get it to show there, but no luck. So - in the event we’re adding new scripts to the site for tracking purposes, what is the best way to test that and get it to show? I wanted to avoid a full purge of the entire site, but maybe that is the solution?

Embedded in the HTML? Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML pages unless you’ve changed some settings here.

Also, would you happen to have Rocket Loader enabled in the Speed → Optimization section?

It is a Wordpress site…I’ll check on the Rocket Loading, not sure I have that enabled, but maybe.

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Rocket Loader is not enabled.

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