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I am trying to find out what IP addressess are visiting a web site. I have an IP access rule that only a range from Germany is allowed to get the web site but I am not sure if this rule is being used, so I am trying find out what IP addressess from Germany are visiting the web site.

Is it possible to get this information?

Thanks in advance

Depending on what webserver you use, you can configure it to show the correct visitor IP in your website logs.

More info about that in the following support article:


Hi arunesh,

Thanks for your answer.

I thought this information could be retrieved in Clouflare logs.

Is the website logs the only way to get it or can I retrieve this information in Cloudflare?

I haven’t yet tried, but I am afraid if it could be possible, it might require a paid plan like Enterprise. Could be I am wrong about it.

Furthermore, if you “allowed” specific IP range at IP Access Rules, I am afraid even with Firewall Rule as a “log” action (again, requires Enterprise plan) you cannot log the requests as long as any IP/range/Country/AS number with “allow” action in the IP Access Rules, just goes straight through and I am afraid the requests cannot be catched/fetched at Firewall Rule later on.

This is still true as a cite from below:

Source article:

So I am afraid you cannot “catch” them as you want.

Otherwise, if you do not use IP Access Rule and directly add the IP range(s) in a Firewall Rule with the action “allow”, then you would be able to see the requests (alongside the IP addresses) in the Firewall events normally as “allow” which are visiting your website.

I would advise you to filter out and check them at the origin host/server.
There is a great tool “http Logs Viewer” to make it look more easier :wink:

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Thanks for your help

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