Get host's contact information


I have 2 questions please

  1. I was checkeding a domain name who is, and mentioned in the bottom
    “If you need to find the host for DMCA, you can contact Cloudflare and they will provide you with the host’s contact information.”

How can I contact Cloudflare to get the information?

  1. The domain name I want to get information is for a website who use all our products list and all its related information (Titles, description, images, and even tags).

What is the best action to do in this case?
I already contacted our host to invistigate how they get our products list and to take action. but Is this enough and how Cloudflare can help?

That’s not a statement of Cloudflare, so I wouldn’t count on that. Plus, DMCA is a US law, which has little meaning outside of its jurisdiction.

You can file a complaint at and take it from there. That form is the correct way and the forum here can’t help I am afraid.

Thanks for your help

As I undesrtand, the report will just send the abuse report to the domain owner, but is there any action will be taken in this regards?

A copy should also get sent to the host, but any action depends on the host and the legal implications.

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