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What is the domain name?
recursosenprojectmanagement . com

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I ma trying to get the Global API key to link Cloudshare with my server (webempresa). I go to My profile/ API Tokens/ Global API Key - view. Then I am asked for the password again. I put it but I get an error saying invalid password. I am using the same password I used to log in.

What error message or number are you receiving?
Unable to regenerate API key. Invalid password (Code: 1071)

Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?


What are the steps to reproduce the error:

  1. My profile/ API Tokens/ Global API Key - view

Have you tried from another browser and/or incognito mode?

Hi @albertgarrod

At glance, can be due to your user permissions.

There are some hints to troubleshooting. That process to ask again the password when you want to view the API key it’s the usual process.

If you are Super Admin, try to clear all the cookies and cache from your browser, and you can try to change the password as well.

Take care!

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