Get error logs

I would like to monitor errors 4xx and 5xx that arrived on Cloudflare for my Pro websites. How can i do?

Cloudflare does not provide error logs. You’ll either need to use a third-party logging service (eg. logflare, datadog, sentry, etc) or look at your server’s error log file. If you don’t know where to find your server’s error log file, you should ask your website host.

Thanks for your answer. Does 5xx error catch by cloudflare go to my server? Like timemout 524?

Yes, but a timeout means CF just can’t reach your server for whatever reason. If you’re seeing those, it’s almost certainly an issue with the networking of your host/their upstream transit provider.

Some of pages our pages do more than 90 sec to load so custumer get an error 524. On my server side, i have no issue because pages don’t have error. I want to fixe those pages but i am not able to pin them. Do you have any idea?

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