Get error 525

I am having the same issue.
Managed Wordpress with GoDaddy
SSL bought from GoDaddy
Using Cloudflare because their server is excruciatingly slow…

I have been on this configuration for at least 3 months, and suddenly this started the 525 error started to occur. Maybe 1 connection out of three

The error is intermittent making me believe that it is GoDaddy’s servers that are resetting the TCP connection during the handshake. When it does this, there is the 525 error that shows up.

I use a service that test it three times from different location: here is the result page:

As you can see, only the third run failed…
but it can change , sometimes all good, sometimes all bad…

I spent two hours brainstorming with Tech Support by chat thsi morning. They appear to have no clue…
I am again with them, they are kind and dedicated, but completely useless. They continue asking me to point to their NS (bypassing Cloudflare), which would just bypass the problem and make my site ultra slow. , while I ask them to investigate the continuity of the servers TCP connection during the handshakes…

I wasted the whole day on this, I am giving up soon will set the Cloudflare SSL on flexible… ANd then, I don’t know… I don’t know what more to do…

Community, no ideas to help me out ? (Note I am a musician not a computer guy…)

EDIT: the tech support suggested that there was an overlapping of the two SSL protocols between Cloudflare and GoDaddy’s servers resulting int he conflict. So after reflection, setting the SSL to ‘Flexible’ seems to me the way to go,

Go Daddy Server — encrypted by GD SSL — Cloudflare Server — encrypted by CF SSL — Browser.

That looks good to me… let’s see if it holds…

Next Day: Now my page won’t load, (too many redirects…)

I switch back to full (the strict option this time)… my page loads again,

Maybe this will change something

let’s see…

Horrible. 525 is back again
see webpagetest results.

Now I changes the Nameservers on my registrar to point directly to GoDaddy, btu thsi can only be temporary
I’m lost, please help!

Hi @ed_bizz,

This won’t work. You need the certificate at GoDaddy and the certificate at Cloudflare and the SSL/TLS mode set to Full (strict).

A 525 error is typically caused by a configuration issue in the origin web server when its SSL certificate is not properly set up. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for advice & insight. It’s odd that it is only happening intermittently, but I’m afraid that is really something only GoDaddy can work out.

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