Get Back APO?

Hi Cloudflare team,

I have already purchased an APO for my WordPress website, but I lost my website from Cloudflare for untold reasons. But Still, my bank card is connected successfully, as well again myself attached website from Cloudflare but My APO Showing Purchase button. Could you give back my APO accessing option for my website speedup?

Pleas replay me

Have you tried clicking that button to re-activate APO for your site?

Hello sir, seriously I’m waiting for you, now It working fine, I have purchased a new one, and now I’m pro user after pro user still my website working very slow I did all settings correctly, but I don’t know what did behind.

Sir, As well when I was checking at GTMatrix, also It has shown perfect result, but when I load my website any browser It’s working load time too late please fix this issue,

because now I’m a pro user.

my Website is (

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