Get an ID to create a argo tunnel

cant get an ID to create an argo tunnel tried multiple times and with the help of a few people.
and people who got this to work on their unraid server on their accounts .
we narrowed it down to the account of Cloudflare because we tried everything else.
I’m using unraid and this is the guides I followed

***i opened a ticket named " can get an ID to create a argo tunnel"


I guess there aren’t many Unraid users here, but it looks like you’re using Docker. I don’t use it, but I know @matteo and @adaptive have in the past.

Hi, the credentials file can be created on another machine, which is always the easiest set-up for headless machines.

Just do it on your local machine.

Copy the <uuid>.json file with the config.yml is a folder, which is mounted at /etc/cloudflared in the Docker container and you are done. Unless you have specific requirements due to Unraid (never used it), I would use the Cloudflare Docker image.