GET accounts/:account_identifier/stream after parameter documentation imprecise?


I’m trying to fetch ALL (not only first 1000) stream videos.

Given available parameters, the idea is to fetch first 1000 vids, include_counts=true&asc=true, check if result.range > 1000 and if so, take the created date of the last vid and pass it as the “after” parameter for the next query.

The documentation says “Lists videos created AFTER the specified date and time.” so I would expect the last video not appear in the second query result. Yet, when I make the second request, I get the last video from the first request.

This suggests to me that the documentation should be saying “Lists videos created AFTER OR ON the specified date and time.”

Is this right or am I getting something wrong? If there is a more efficient way to fetch ALL the vids, I would appreciate any suggestions too.