Get a Webserver is down - Error code 521

My page just stopped to work.

Appeared a 404 for no reason. Got it to work on Cyberpanel upgrading and turning website to “Unsuspended”

From there now my page shows a Web Server is down - Error code 521 and Error Host.

Deactivate the proxy on Cloudflare turning the cloud to gray. Now I get “This site can’t be reached”

Please any suggestion? I’m newbie…

Contact your webhost regarding this issue, leave it grey-clouded until fully resolved

I’ve contacted my webhost and they say everything is fine. Also on Cyberpanel they are trying to help me but they can’t tell. It seems more an issue on Cloudflare.

What would you recommend?


Everything is not fine, when its grey-clouded Cloudflare is bypassed and it goes straight to your webhost. Cloudflare is not involved with the issue you’re having