Get a site that already has an SLL to work with a free Cloudflare account

I already have an SSL certificate set on my origin server and when I first set up the site with Cloudflare everything works fine for a bit but I end up with an SSL Mismatch error that stops the site for loading.

To get a site that already has an SLL to work with a free Cloudflare account what do I need to do?

It sounds like you’re on the right track.

How long ago did you put your site on Cloudflare? On your Crypto page here, what is the Status in the SSL section? It should say “Active”.

I didn’t see any status saying active. I’ve had to switch the name servers back as I need to get the site working again. It’s clear that I missed something during the setup process but I have no idea what that would be?

You can go back to the Cloudflare Name Servers, but set your DNS entries to :grey:. This will send requests direct to your server while Cloudflare finishes issuing your certificate.

Sometimes certificates just take longer, or get stuck. If it’s been trying for 24 hours, then open up a Support Ticket, but that’s after you put your name servers back to Cloudflare and wait a day.

Would that mean that I have two SSL Certificates, one for the origin server and one for Cloudflare? If that is the case what SSL option should I use. ‘Flexible’, ‘Full’ or ,Full (strict)’?

Yes, you’ll need both SSL certificates. If the server on your host is valid, then use Full (Strict). If it’s expired or self-signed, just use Full. Strict is most likely the proper setting for you.

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