Get a refund from a cancelled domain due to account issues

So as the title says. I received an email from cloudflare support that we are being investigated for a possible payment fraud and that if I dont verify my identity, they will cancel any recently registered domain. The email from where I got this is from [email protected]

I saw that email after 2 days and tell the support to send me another link for verification. They sent me another link which I gave to my client so she can verify herself (she’s in the US and we used her payment info for the account we’re using).

But even after successfully completing the verification (which she did using stripe KYC process). The domain we registered is no longer usable. I searched on WHO IS and i found the domain becoming available again for sale. So I decided to buy it again but this time I use godaddy.

Now we don’t have problem with godaddy as compared to cloudflare, but the thing I want to know is, how can we get a refund from cloudflare since they are the one who cancelled the domain.

HI @marketing246 I see your ticket 3223613 was sent to the appropriate team about an hour ago.

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