(Get a Free Cloudflare Tee-Shirt) Question of the Week- What's your favorite easy firewall rule to block unwanted traffic?

What’s your favorite easy firewall rule to block unwanted traffic?

Make a video showing us how you created the rule, tell us why it’s valuable, and show it to us in action on your site. Post the video on any social media platform tag us, and drop the link here. The first 5 people to do this will receive a free Cloudflare t-shirt!

  • I block based on country
  • I usually just block by IP, hostname, or cookie
  • None really, I rely on DDoS protection and the occasional IP Access Rule
  • Nothing easy, I write very sophisticated rules
  • Other

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Or ASN. I’ll just file it under IP.


Block WordPress xmlrpc.php (Pingbacks, Trackbacks, and bulk password guessing attacks) in 60 seconds with a Cloudflare Firewall Rule: https://twitter.com/aaronsilber/status/1448758282785591303


It all depends.

I have a cron set up that matches all access requests to my server with a count based on IP address so I can easily see the top 100 requests to my server daily. I send this data to a server monitoring slack channel.

Where possible I use useragent blocking for bots like SemrushBot
In situations where they do not have a useragent I will block the IP address
In situations where they are using the same datacenter but lots of different IP ranges I will asn block
In situations where they are from an ISP I will just javascript challenge that IP address

When I got DDosed I try to identify the main ASNs causing it and blocked them temporarily until the DDosed ended.

Then I copy the firewall rules expression to all of my servers and new servers.

I love using geoblocking with Cloudflare’s firewall. It just works™, and CF’s geoip data sources are usually spot-on. https://youtu.be/X4X1i-dhq3k

Edit: also posted this on my Twitter https://twitter.com/as137509/status/1449897106982985730?s=20

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Cloudflare WAF is the best. I have clients that do geo-blocking, but it’s also easy to block potentially malicious WordPress stuff like @bytesco_aaron mentioned xmlrpc.php or variations of requests with /wp-includes

Also, how can I get a shirt or other swag even though I’m not top 5? I found this thread but didn’t see an official answer: Cloudflare swag

I define the country rule to prevent spam and Ddos attacks to some extent.
also posted this on my Twitter https://twitter.com/sevincmustafaa/status/1450958476147105794

Block countries YouTube URL : Cloudflare Question of the Week - Firewall Rule - YouTube

AS Number Block Video : Cloudflare Question of the Week - Firewall Rule - AS Number Block - YouTube
Twitter share : https://twitter.com/sevincmustafaa/status/1450966239933878277

Edit : Added new video and twitter sharing.

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It depends, if I need to block someone I usually use the IP address to block them! Other than that, I just rely on DDOS protection and other features

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