(Get a Free Cloudflare Tee) Question of the Week- What’s a web performance hack that everyone should know?

What’s a web performance hack that everyone should know? Make a quick video showing us the web performance hack and post it on any social media platform tag use, and drop the link here. The first 5 people to do this will receive a Cloudflare T-shirt!

  • Limiting and Removing Plugins
  • Cloudflare APO for WordPress
  • Reducing Image Size
  • Caching
  • Other

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Make a video a get a free Cloudflare t-shirt!

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Alrighty here’s my (not funny) submission. Sorry for any web designers I dragged with this one.

Here‘s my Video! Hope I am not too late https://twitter.com/jplexr/status/1448038644942524416?s=21

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