(Get a Free Cloudflare T-Shirt) Question of the Week-What product originally brought you to Cloudflare?

What product originally brought you to Cloudflare?

Make a quick video showing us how to configure the product with your site and explain how it works. Post the video on any social media platform tag us, and drop the link here. The first 5 people to do this will receive a free Cloudflare t-shirt!

  • Cloudflare’s DNS
  • Cloudflare’s SSL
  • Cloudflare’s DDoS Mitigation
  • Cloudflare’s CDN
  • Cloudflare’s WAF
  • Cloudflare for Teams
  • Cloudflare Workers
  • Other

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The feature that originally brought you me Cloudflare must be the DNS, unlike nearly every company it’s free! Here is a little video showing you how to use it and how it also works.

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This is a video about creating rules. (I know I wont win :joy:)
Nota bene: Sorry for the french.

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Can’t wait for my t-shirt :tshirt:

How to set up Cloudflare DNS and CDN. Pretty simple that you don’t even need the video aha.


I love the fact that Cloudflare’s DNS is free! Here’s my dns and I love how easy it is to set up with github pages to allow https!!! My Cloudflare DNS - YouTube

In that case you still have an insecure setup, unless your encryption mode is Full Strict.

It means I can allow it in github pages

The point is you still have an insecure site in your case. Why you should choose Full Strict, and only Full Strict has all on that.


Wanna know how I learned about Cloudflare? I know it sounds weird but through a Cloudflare branded error message. Yeah, I learned about Cloudflare via an error message (on a site that I was visiting)

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How do I get a t-shirt? I’m a huge fan :smiley:

Keep an eye out for future Questions of the Week posted, that’s probably the easiest way to get merch.

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