(Get a Free Cloudflare T-Shirt) Question of the Week- Have you ever transferred a domain to Cloudflare?

Have you ever transferred a domain to Cloudflare?

Make a quick video showing us how to transfer a domain to Cloudflare. Post the video on any social media platform tag us, and drop the link here. The first 5 people to do this will receive a free Cloudflare t-shirt!

  • Yes, several times
  • No, not yet

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Not much middle ground there. Single transfers need not apply?


I’ve never transferred a domain to Cloudflare! I don’t even know how to do that!

Support my preferred ccTLD and I’ll gladly make a video! All my eligible domains are already transferred.

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Been using the registrar for so long now, happy to make a video on it!
Here is a full video from adding a domain to Cloudflare then transferring it over as well.

I did have to blur quite a lot of my details out throughout the video, but did my best to cover all the main points.


Have transferred almost 60 domain registrations to Cloudflare. That number will cross 60 when a couple more ccTLDs are supported!

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Here’s where you need to go to transfer a domain to cloudflare: How to transfer domains to cloudflare - YouTube

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Sure have, done bulk domain transfers via Cloudflare API and using losing registrar’s API to bulk unlock domains https://blog.centminmod.com/2021/03/04/2333/how-to-bulk-domain-transfer-to-cloudflare-registrar-and-save-on-domain-renewal-costs/ :sunglasses:


My domain was transferred quickly and easy, sorry I did not made a movie about it :slight_smile:
If .nl will be available ( non premium ) I will transfer a few more!

No yet.

But soon will move a few there.

Thanks for this video, Stephan. What are the additional benefits of transferring a domain besides cost? What other features do you get here at Cloudflare above and beyond GoDaddy? Do you need a paid Cloudflare account to take advantage of these features?

I just really like it for putting everything I do in one place. The DNS, domain ownership, and all the other Cloudflare features are all on the same site. I have been using Cloudflare Access quite a lot and if you don’t have a large team or the need for paid features then it has a really nice free plan.

There will always be advantages to using the paid plans but it comes down to the features you need. Currently, I have one domain running on the Business plan and the rest are on the free plan. Never had any issues with the free plan and it has all the basic features most people need. Personally, I have always had issues with GoDaddy and other domain registrars due to the constant advertising and paid services that are really not required. Cloudflare is straight to the point and I have never been asked once to pay for privacy.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Very helpful reply. Thanks for taking the time to communicate with me!

In the process of doing my first now.

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