(Get a Free Cloudflare T-Shirt) Question of the Week- Do you have a certificate on your origin server?

Do you have a certificate on your origin server?

Make a video showing us how you set up that origin server certificate. Post the video on any social media platform tag us, and drop the link here. The first 5 people to do this will receive a free Cloudflare t-shirt!

  • No origin certificate, my ssl is set to Flexible
  • Yes, I have a self-signed certificate
  • Yes, I have an expired certificate
  • Yes, I have a free origin certificate generated from the Cloudflare dashboard
  • Yes, I pay way too much to my host for an origin certificate

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You need another option: “Yes, I have a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt”!


I’ll just go with the free origin certificate, except it’s from Let’s Encrypt.


+1 missing the Letsencrypt option!


Since the poll can’t be edited after 5 minutes, everyone who likes this can consider it a vote for Let’s Encrypt.


Here is a video on creating the origin certificate TikTok

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Here’s my submission for the video task:

Enable and setup Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on Apache server on YouTube


How about “There is no origin server, my site is entirely served by Workers”? :slightly_smiling_face:


In my case, the origin server doesn’t have TLS, but I’m using Argo Tunnel so it doesn’t matter.

My submission for the video task:


This is @kotletya’s video. Why did you repost?


Actually the wrong advice. It should be Full Strict, not just Full.

Thank you for this information. I will edit the video description to let people know.

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Here’s the video in youtube

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Came here very excited to get a cf t-shirt (looks very cool), but seems like some great people have completed the task before me!

I only count 4 people completing and there’s 5 up for grabs soooo :eyes:
You could still do it!

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I’m here to claim the last shirt.

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Why is this a survey?
Cloundflare can just write a script to examine all their customers backend servers and generate a dashboard.

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And like many others, I use letsencrypt for my origin servers. Using Cloudflare’s DNS makes provisioning letsencrypt wildcard certs easy.