Get a Free Cloudflare Key Cap! What was the first website you used Cloudflare on?

What was the first type of website you used Cloudflare on? Show us the website using WayBack Machine!

Make a quick video showing us the first website you put on Cloudflare! Post the video on any social media platform tag use, and drop the link here. The first 5 people to do this will receive a Cloudflare Key Cap!

  • Blog
  • Personal Website
  • Business
  • E-Commerce Store
  • Landing Page
  • Other

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Local bike club:


I haven’t activated a site on Cloudflare yet! (Though I have visited Cloudflare sites before)

Mine was a personal domain with a placeholder Wordpress site. The initial reason I came was for DNSSEC which was pretty tricky at the time. was the first domain in the ccTLD to be signed (other then the ccTLDs test domains). Before :logo: I was either using Dyn, or running DNS servers myself, and neither was as easy as using :logo: DNS.


My first site on CF was a fun music forum, no longer around.

(Social media video and tag also done, I needs me a keycap!)

Tried it on my main development website, found out how amazing Cloudflare was and then moved all my sites over.

This was the first of many sites we moved to CloudFlare. isn’t loading but it’s on there.


My first site that I added to CloudFlare. (Personal Blog)

Twitter :

YouTube : My first site that I added to CloudFlare / Personal Blog - YouTube



It’s still active:

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It’s still active:

My own site for gaming stuff,, cloudflare really let me punch above my weight on a crummy shared hosting (dedicated now finally). a game site

What kind of games does the site have? (Just asking)

Visual novel evaluation

My website wasn’t popular enough to be included into wayback, but I still have the HTML file:

The first site that I added to Cloudflare