Get 404 when trying to load rocket.min.js

Hi Cloudflare community

we currently experience an issue trying to load from our website.

We obtain a HTTP 404 error and our website does not load anymore, could you fix the issue asap or give me a way to fix if we can do this on our side?

Let me know, best.

FYI, we disabled RocketLoader waiting for a fix, best.

Hi @romain - that is the old version of Rocket Loader - you should see rocket-loader.min.js - can you perhaps share a URL with me so I can double check this?

Yes I gave the complete faulty URL that was not unreachable loading our page above which is:

Hi Romain,

Can you share with me the URL of your website where you saw this? but we disabled Rocket Loader since.

I believe they can force Rocket Loader for internal testing.

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Hope they will be careful because it prevents our website to load.

It’s internal only, so your visitors won’t get it.

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OK - I am not able to replicate this at all - so I’ll DM you to get some more information.

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