Get 404 when trying to load rocket.min.js



Hi Cloudflare community

we currently experience an issue trying to load from our website.

We obtain a HTTP 404 error and our website does not load anymore, could you fix the issue asap or give me a way to fix if we can do this on our side?

Let me know, best.


FYI, we disabled RocketLoader waiting for a fix, best.


Hi @romain - that is the old version of Rocket Loader - you should see rocket-loader.min.js - can you perhaps share a URL with me so I can double check this?


Yes I gave the complete faulty URL that was not unreachable loading our page above which is:


Hi Romain,

Can you share with me the URL of your website where you saw this?

#6 but we disabled Rocket Loader since.


I believe they can force Rocket Loader for internal testing.


Hope they will be careful because it prevents our website to load.


It’s internal only, so your visitors won’t get it.


OK - I am not able to replicate this at all - so I’ll DM you to get some more information.


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