Get 2FA turned on but fails because I'm not using a password to login

I’m attempting to set up 2FA, and also gain access to read my API keys.

Both of these activities ask for my Cloudflare account password. This doesn’t exist because when I joined and created my account I used my Apple account through the third-party login feature instead of creating a username and password using the email and password style.

So now, when I ask for an API key or to turn on 2FA, it asks for a password, which doesn’t exist.

I opened a ticket, and the response was, to check your email for a ‘login token’ which I never receive each time I try.

I’m not sure how to change my login style to email/password instead of the third-party login style. It’s like Oauth when I log in, so Cloudflare doesn’t store my Apple password either.

Can I change my login style? I think that would fix it. Any help is appreciated.

Hi there,

If you have chosen to share your email when creating Cloudflare account with Apple ID, you can use the workaround below to get password and obtain API key:

If you have chosen to hide your email when creating Cloudflare account with Apple ID, I am afraid that the reset password link won’t work, and you can use the workaround below:

  • Invite a new member into your account, let’s say a secondary email that you might use.
  • Register a new Cloudflare account with that email using a password.
  • Access the dashboard with that user to obtain an API key (thus using said password).

Please note that changing your Cloudflare account email address will unlink the Login with Apple ID from your Cloudflare account. The next attempt to log in (after email changed) with the same Apple ID will create a new Cloudflare account.

Take care.


I’m all set now, Thank You for your help


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