German / Austrian endpoints from Hungary

A cloudflare engineer, please answer this: why am I always going through Germany or Austria from Hungary whenever I visit a website using cloudflare “proxy” or whatever it’s called.
I’ve checked your page, seen you have your network in Budapest setup. No matter what geolocation I have, I always go through Germany or Austria if my country is “Hungary”.

Are you using a VPN? If so, try disabling it then visiting the website again!

Mostly addressed in at Peering - Why don't I reach the closest datacenter to me?.

The German PoPs are generally among the larger ones in Europe and European routing in general often goes via them.

As for Austria, simply for geographical reasons. Hungarian providers do peer a lot with the VIX and certain routes will go via that path. Hungary does have its own BUD PoP as well, so I’d still expect you to go via the Hungarian PoP for a fair amount of sites. should provide you with a good overview of where you are routed to and aforementioned article addresses the overal issue.


Even if I do use a VPN my geolocation doesn’t change.
Also noticed services using cloudflare being slower from Telekom’s data center too, without a VPN compared to accessing them using a vpn. And for the test, initial pings are worse to any of the endpoints compared to Hungary.

Mentioned article really addresses it in full.

It’s nothing you have control over, this is mostly decided by your ISP, and partially controlled by Cloudflare. Cloudflare will try to guarantee routing only on more expensive plans.

I’m already fighting both Hungarian Telekom and Deutsche Telekom because their routing just randomly generates more packet losses than data with no actual usable signal reception.
So maybe, it’s time to actually try forcing Hungarian routes in Hungary.:thinking:

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