Georgia State \ Unable to reach internet/can't resolve DNS

I have used for over a year as my DNS resolver and have it set up on my Mac. Starting today I was unable to reach the internet at my school (Georgia State University, located in Atlanta, Ga). I got the error(s) shown below. I updated my browser, restarted and shut down my Mac to no avail.
I then reset my DNS settings and was able to reach the internet. Below is the Cloudflare help tool ran with the reset DNS settings. I could not run it with settings. Also checked says everything is fine. Help?

Update: Downloaded the app ( on my iPhone, internet works fine (connected to same wifi as Mac)

Try flushing your DNS cache.
lookupd –flushcache

It looks like is being blocked for DNS. I would try using or setting up DoH or DoT on your Mac.
Your iPhone works with the app because DNS in encrypted.