Geolocation information of WARP IPs


We then submitted geolocation information of those IPs to various geolocation database providers, ensuring third party services associate those Cloudflare egress IPs with an accurate approximate location.

So does Cloudflare provide public geolocation information for WARP IPs?

It appears that no data is available for (Acquired by IPIP.NET),, and IPIP.NET, which are very active geolocation database providers in the Chinese mainland.

It would be nice if Cloudflare provided publicly available IP geolocation information data.

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Yes, Cloudflare does provide public geolocation. It seems that only on the Chinese website where the geolocation is wrong. There are some possibilities.

  1. They don’t have access to Cloudflare because of their restricted government rules.
  2. Cloudflare reroutes warp IPs to another server when an IP from china tries to find them.

But I think it’s because of the first one. There are multiple reports where people from china can’t access Cloudflare.

I have not found any public geolocation data for Cloudflare, it seems they are only contacted privately, so it is impossible to determine whether they actually provide data to the sites I have listed.

Cloudflare is normally accessible in the Chinese mainland, where they have an office and a government-compliant website: (just an introduction, business contact site)

Actually, this is probably the problem website owner’s problem. Cloudlfare can’t do anything.
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